Painting, Canvas, Modern Art As a Safe Investment

How can you invest in art ? Let’s find out how you can combine the need to make a safe investment with that of beautifying your home with something that makes it more pleasant, let’s read this guide to invest in art.

This beginner’s guide, which will bring you closer to the world of art, will be particularly useful for making investments in 2021, in a period of high volatility on the stock exchanges.

Over the past 10 years, the turnover of this particular market has doubled worldwide, from € 35.9 billion in 2005 to € 63.8 billion. making investments in art is becoming a trend now within everyone’s reach, as well as a way to make really good business.

Is Investing in Art a Safe Investment?

Investing in modern art, paintings, canvases, paintings, which ones to buy?

The secondary art market:

When we talk about investing in art in the secondary market, we are talking about second or third hand works, and when we talk about the ‘secondary market’ we mean art galleries, auction houses and art dealers.
This is the market we have to deal with to start entering the magical world of the art market, only by visiting art galleries can you begin to have a perception, an experience, know the artists and their stories, as well as develop an eye that manages to give a monetary value to a work of art.

The primary art market:

Here you get real bargains, buying works of art directly from artists can be a truly unique experience as well as a truly valid way to invest in art.

For those who are reading for the first time about investing in art, we remember the story of Antonio Ligabue, at his time considered neither more nor less as a madhouse madman who ‘sold’ his works for a plate of soup, or for a packet of Tuscan cigars or for a few pennies, works that have acquired enormous value over time, a story excellently put on film by RAI which he made an interesting script a few years ago.

Obviously you need to have experience in this sector, you need to know the artist and his value, also you need to be lucky enough to be able to buy a work of art from an artist who is good, popular and who does not work exclusively for some merchant art or for some art gallery or who does not create his works for people who order them.

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How to Invest in Art in an Auction House

From what you read in the newspapers, a person who is not inside the art market thinks auctions are only for billionaire art collectors.

Newspapers like to come out with articles on paintings auctioned for tens of millions of dollars, because then they know that there are so many curious readers who will go to read that news, just to say:

“My daughter can do that drawing too and they sold it for 3 million euros, whoever bought that canvas is a crazy billionaire who doesn’t know where to throw his money “, perhaps ignoring that the same “drawing” will be resold after a couple of years for 5 million to another collector.

Million-Dollar Works of Art – An Investment for the Few

Having said that, however, it must be specified that the millionaire works (so called because they are characterized by a price higher than 1 million euros) despite being 57% of the value of the entire art market, are only 1% of transactions, then there are the 99% of transactions that few talk about, other than the insiders who are below – often far below – a million dollars and which are affordable to all kinds of budgets.

So entering an auction house when going on a sale is an opportunity for all types of investors and art lovers.

It is a great opportunity even if we are attentive to some factors, such as if they are works seized due to a bankruptcy of a company, then there may be works of a certain value sold at competitive prices.