Hemp is often linked to legalization or therapy talk, but it actually hides other characteristics. Do you know that hemp is closely related to art? The story speaks for itself, artists have always appreciated CBD flower, from hemp oil paints to hemp canvases, truly exceptional works have been created. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Michelangelo Buonarroti to Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, there have been many important artists throughout history who have used hemp buds in art. We are therefore not speaking only of the hemp used on colors, but also of canvases. Furthermore, it is important to know that the word “canvas”, which is used to specify any type of pictorial canvas, originates from the Latin term ” cannapaceus“, which literally means “made of hemp”.

Why Is Hemp Used in Art?

Hemp is chosen in art to keep the work in excellent condition even after many years. In fact, some surfaces are not suitable for professional work, because they tend to be damaged easily. From the hemp plant it is possible to obtain a very resistant and versatile fiber and also gives shine and is not damaged in any way by the color. To understand why hemp is used in art we can take the example of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Perhaps not many know that hemp materials were used: a base of cbd flower oil colors without the knowledge of the Pope who had commissioned the work. Even Van Gogh’s self-portrait was made on a canvas. This means that the great artists have found excellent quality in hemp and have created their most famous works. Hemp is also used in contemporary art for walls, furniture, illustrations, constructions. There are many objects that can be made thanks to this fiber.

Hemp as a Textile Fiber

As we have seen, CBD hemp is used for several purposes, and it is also very popular in crafts. The textile fiber obtained from the hemp plant was used, long ago, for making domestic tablecloths.

Textile art, since ancient times, was based on the raw material obtained from hemp, a very resistant textile fiber, useful for creating various high quality products. It was a very useful and necessary source for that historical period. But even Christopher Columbus, on his famous expedition to discover America, had with him several sacks of cannabis sativa seeds.

In this case, the purpose of the seeds was to grow material useful for the sailors’ equipment, in addition to the food needed to survive. Hemp then became useful for several things, all very valuable. Some sources even say that the famous popular caravels, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, were made entirely of hemp. This means that hemp is served in different fields and in different historical moments, with a different but always important use. In every part of the world the great capacities of this plant have been tested, sometimes for less legitimate uses, other times as a precious resource to enrich the quality of life and everyday life.

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Hemp in Painting

Art galleries, starting with those that exhibited works by the great Renaissance artists, have always exhibited works in hemp, because it has always been a widely used fiber. The marijuana is used by man for centuries, this plant has always been considered useful and versatile, from its seeds up to oils or weaving. Hemp is a resistant fiber that is the envy of many other less robust fibers. Hemp canvases have the ability to resist mold, humidity, shocks, moreover it does not absorb light so it manages to keep a work of art intact with all its characteristics for a very long time. In painting, therefore, it is a very important resource and still many artists continue to choose it for their works, especially for the excellent durability over time and the resistance of the color.

CBD Hemp in Art Today

We have always talked about the use of hemp in art in the past, but this fiber is still used today. In fact, there are many artists who use hemp canvases and open real exhibitions about it. In Oregon, only in 2014, an art gallery dedicated exclusively to hemp was organized, so as to make known to as many people as possible the use of this plant for artistic purposes. As you can see, hemp has many advantages, some more popular than others, but it is still a fiber with considerable potential. If you also love art and want to choose a canvas suitable for your works, or oils that give the maximum effect, you can focus on hemp products.